Women are such women. We always want to be younger, prettier, slimmer, happier. And how do we achieve this?

A lot of cosmetic procedures come to mind at once, which will help to improve the condition of hair, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of excess hair on the body. But are they really effective and safe for the body?

Hair care: debunking myths

Hair is one of the first to react to stress, lack of sleep and lack of nutrients in the body. The situation is exacerbated and improper care, because women mainly follow generally accepted recommendations, which are not always beneficial for the hair. Therefore, on the eve of Women’s Day, we propose to analyze the benefits for the hair, and what – only harmful.

Myth 1: You can not wash your hair more than once every 4-5 days.

In fact, you can wash your hair even every day: it depends on the type and degree of pollution of your hair. However, if your hair becomes greasy and dirty immediately after washing, it is worth seeing a trichologist.

“The cause of greasiness is often hidden inside the body, so frequent washing will not help. This problem can be provoked by hormonal imbalance, as well as a number of diseases: diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, various skin pathologies. Only an examination with a digital trichoscope, collection of medical history, and properly selected treatment in conjunction with lifestyle changes can help improve the situation.

Myth 2: Hair dryers are an enemy of luxurious hair.

Yes, heat damage can indeed damage the hair, but it can be minimized by using heat protection and blow drying on a “cold mode. However, water droplets can actually pull keratin out of the hair, and this is much worse than using a hair dryer.

Myth 3. ously accelerate hair growth with the help of cosmetics

If it is written on the shampoo or mask that accelerate hair growth, remember: this is not true. No product can make your locks grow faster. Usually, it’s genetic, so it’s only about one centimeter a month. However, if there is a medical need to stimulate hair growth, you can visit a trichologist and undergo a mesotherapy procedure.

Myth 4: Avoiding wearing a permanent headband or ponytail is a hair-loss trigger.

If you do not pull your hair too tightly (until it hurts!), your hairstyle will not lead to hair loss. On the contrary, a neat, loose bun will protect your strands from external damage.

Myth 5: Keratin Hair Straightening Helps Restore Hair Structure.

When this procedure first appeared in beauty salons, the composition of the used products even contained formaldehyde. Of course, the formula of the composition has significantly improved, but even now it contains substances that, on the contrary, violate the structure of the hair. If you are thinking about the keratin straightening, remember that it is a cosmetic procedure, not a caring one. So don’t expect it to improve the health of your hair.

Taking Care of the Body: What Harms Our Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Some people are lucky enough to have perfect skin, while others struggle with rashes all the time. And that’s because skin is the most accurate indicator of our inner state, very sensitive and vulnerable.

Often women, without realizing it, harm their skin. How, exactly?

The phenomenon of over-damaged skin

Photographs of women with glossy covers encourage many girls to try out different cosmetic products in an attempt to achieve a photoshopped effect in their lives. But instead, they end up with nothing more than blotchy skin.

“Overskinning occurs when you use highly concentrated cosmetic products on a regular basis instead of periodic courses. In addition, these cosmetics are often completely mismatched and do not meet the needs of the epidermis. For example, as early as 18 years old girls use creams that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. But why, if the body itself can regulate their allocation? This leads to malfunctions in its work, as a result of which the skin often becomes irritated and loses its protective properties.

Tanning: Benefit or harm

Which woman doesn’t want a perfect bronze tan? But staying in the sun for so long is not good for our skin.

“Prolonged exposure to UV rays is harmful to the skin and leads to the process of photoaging. Sunlight affects hyaluronic acid, destroying it. This leads to an imbalance of water, the body lacks nutrients, and wrinkles appear as a result. At the same time, sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D, so it is still necessary to tan, but only in the morning and in the evening, using protective equipment.

Are body hair removal procedures harmful?

Body hair is another concern of modern women. Many people want to have smooth skin without wasting time shaving every day. Nowadays, body hair removal procedures are popular, but there is a constant debate surrounding them. Do they affect a woman’s health? Let’s take a look at the most popular procedures.

Laser hair removal

There is an opinion that the removal of hair by laser leads to the development of malignant tumors. Women who have laser hair removal in the armpit area are especially worried: they worry that it can cause breast cancer.

“Laser hair removal cannot cause cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. The fact is that the laser affects only the hair follicle. It does not touch even the skin around the hair, because it reacts to the dark pigment in it – melatonin. Actually, this is the reason why laser hair removal is ineffective for removal of hair “fluff” and for blondes, because there is almost no this pigment in their hair. Appearance of neoplasms can provoke only UV-radiation of a particular length, but there are no such rays in the laser.


Another popular procedure, the safety of which raises doubts among women. This is especially true for the intimate area, as it is the most sensitive.

“With the right choice of products, shugaring is a safe procedure. In addition, it is available even to pregnant women, if there are no contraindications from the doctor. Do shugaring intimate area can be done on any day of the cycle, but it is not recommended on day 5-6. This is due to the production of hormones and hypersensitivity in some days. However, there are still contraindications to shugaring any zone. It is diabetes, because the use of sugar mixtures can lead to the penetration of sugar into the human body. It is also better to refrain from such a procedure because of varicose veins, because the mechanical action of the warm caramel mass can be traumatic for damaged vessels.

A healthy woman = a beautiful woman

We’ve reviewed a bunch of grooming procedures and debunked myths about some of them, but no matter how you look at it, beauty is what’s inside of us. Our appearance is always a reflection of our inner state, both physical and psychological. So if you’re constantly tired, experiencing conflicts in the family or suffering from sleep disorders, no amount of cosmetics will help to disguise them on the face and body.

You can get rid of these problems at sessions with a psychotherapist. Specialist will help you find the cause of the depressed state, to better understand themselves and their needs. After all, only harmony with yourself is a sign of psychological health.

Women’s physical health also affects its appearance. Not without reason, experts advise to look for the cause of problems with skin, nails, hair inside the body. To be confident in your health, it is worth at least once a year to undergo a medical check-up. Why?

“Check-up of the body helps in time to diagnose disorders in its systems and eliminate them, without waiting for serious complications. Unlike the usual check-up, the check-up is a comprehensive package, which usually includes examinations by several specialists and laboratory tests. The packages differ for women and men due to the need to be examined by different specialists.

You should always take care of your health, even if you feel well. If there are any symptoms, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Remember that the internal harmony and the harmonious functioning of all body systems are the key to external beauty and good mood. Be healthy!

And how do you take care of your beauty and health?