The twenty-first century has brought some changes to modern life. We don’t have to go to the river to do our laundry or pick crops with a sickle under the blazing sun. So why aren’t we becoming healthier than our ancestors? Our great-grandmothers spent most of their lives in the fresh air, and we have it only on weekends when we go out into nature. High-speed rhythm of life, reduction of physical exertion and usual motor activity, deterioration of ecological situation, synthetic vitamins and food with half-finished products – this is by no means a complete list of factors influencing our well-being. It is not possible to go back to the roots, to the patriarchal way of life, so modern science is looking for new methods of preserving health. New medicines are constantly being invented, innovations in methods and approaches to treatment are being tested. But to be confident in the future, it is better not to hope for a “magic pill”, but to take measures to maintain and improve health. You have to start small:

  • Eat right. A balanced diet with a variety of natural products, eating regimen (yes, yes, it is forgotten by some clearly timed breakfasts, lunches and dinners) will help the body in time to replenish energy and provide all the necessary nutrients.
  • Rest not when you’re already off your feet, or when you’re blurry in the eyes. Clearly alternate the time of work and leisure, provide yourself a good night’s sleep, then the performance will increase, and it will be difficult for diseases to “break” your immunity.
  • Choose a healthy way of life. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are incompatible with the desire to live happily ever after. Sports, nature, and hobbies increase the level of personal self-esteem, which has an immediate effect on improving the overall condition of the person.
  • Finally, do not forget about the close relationship with your local therapist (family doctor), who will provide qualified assistance in a difficult moment. Remember about him, even when you feel good, let him become your close friend, whom you do not forget to congratulate on a holiday, to ask how you are doing.

Keeping an eye on men’s health

If we analyze the attitude towards ourselves, then the following fact is striking: in the U.S. men are more concerned about their health, but the Slavic world traditionally considers this activity “not a man’s business. In our country, women have always been more interested in preserving what nature has given them. But in recent years there has been a tendency to change the situation. It is a gratifying fact that modern men have begun to understand: to care for health is important, it is not a tribute to fashion or an incomprehensible female requirement, but an essential component of success in life. What do you need to pay attention to in order to stay in “full alert” for as long as possible?

To begin with, we need to understand: aging and health disorders directly related to it depend on the gradual slowing down of metabolic processes in the body. We can’t stop it, but we can correct it with the help of lifestyle.

The strong sex should pay special attention to the cardiovascular system. Heart problems have long ranked first among the causes of early mortality. It is men who are most affected by this problem. Statistics show that the same myocardial infarction among the male population is recorded 4 times more often than among the female population. The reason for this is simple: a tendency to lead an unhealthy life, having bad habits, a negligent attitude towards the first symptoms of the ailment. In addition, at the physiological level in the body of the weaker sex, the protective function has a “female” hormone estrogen, which is scarce in the male body.

Cancer, the number of which is also increasing every year, have poorly expressed symptoms at the beginning of the disease. This leads to the fact that many men go to the hospital when nothing can be done. It seems “unreasonable” for them to go to the doctor about “trifling” ailments, but it only leads to the neglect of pathological processes. In such cases, a woman’s gentle persistence should prompt a man to pay attention to changes in his condition in time and seek qualified help or simply for a preventive consultation.

To detect and treat in time in the initial stages of many diseases, men should periodically undergo certain examinations and undergo certain tests. These are blood tests for cholesterol, sugar, HIV infection; cardiogram, blood pressure measurement, fluorography; examination by a proctologist or urologist; ultrasound of different organs, based on the appointments of specialists.

As you can see, the main thing is to change your attitude to your health and lifestyle, then there is a real chance to live to a ripe old age, enjoying life, not “working for the pharmacy.

How to look after your health

The main purpose of a woman is the continuation of the human race, so the state of her health is largely predetermined by this area. Some gynecological diseases are specific to the female body precisely because of its uniqueness. Myomas, breast cancer, diseases related to the cervix and the uterus itself are much more common than one would assume. Therefore, care for your health should begin in childhood, paying special attention to it in the childbearing and menopausal period. On how to monitor women’s health, written a lot. The main thing – you need to understand: to increase the chances of living a full life, you need from a young age to treat your condition responsibly.

What does it mean? We are not going to repeat the general points about lifestyle. They apply to both sexes. It is important for women to have a complete gynecological examination on time (annually), because the early stages of any disease are better to cure. Examination by a gynecologist and examination of smears for microflora can avoid many serious problems. Don’t forget about self-diagnosis. Keeping an individual calendar of your menstrual cycle will help to notice abnormalities in time, and respond adequately to them, referring to the antenatal clinic. Monthly examinations and palpation of the breasts should also become a habit: the slightest lump, pain, nipple discharge is a reason to visit a mammologist. Do not hope that it will “go away by itself” or that it will “get over”. It is you who should be interested in keeping your health in the first place. Taking care of yourself and your quality of life, you must periodically examine the cardiovascular system, measure blood pressure and take blood tests for triglycerides, lipids and cholesterol. There is also a need for examination of the skin, because in the pursuit of beauty, the fair sex are prone to visit tanning salons, to spend time on the beach under the scorching sunlight, and this is fraught with the appearance of malignant tumors. Examine the state of the organs of vision and teeth at intervals of about a year.

You should not have “inconvenient” questions, you should solve them with qualified specialists, and not thanks to the “word of mouth”. Only with a responsible attitude to yourself, you can stay beautiful and able to work, to be a role model for your children, and maybe even grandchildren.

How you can take care of your health

At certain stages of life, a person may feel some changes in their condition. This is due to restructuring in work, changes in the hormonal background, the fading of certain functions of the body. This is especially true for the elderly. But the advice that was relevant at thirty does not lose its significance. They are filled with new content. Therefore, the question of how to monitor the health after 60 years, the answer is unambiguously: to continue what was started, to enjoy every day and help your body to meet old age with dignity. To do this, above all, you need to take care about adequate physical activity, mobility, a friendly microclimate in the family, quality medical care.

An elderly person should feel that he is needed: his experience, knowledge, kindness. Such a psychological background helps to cope with many ailments. Because of age, both men and women need to adjust their diet, reduce the number of calories consumed, so then do not fight with excess body weight. It is necessary to increase the amount of vegetable fiber. In addition, it will be useful for women to include products that contain oestrogen analogs – phytoestrogens (beans, cabbage, rowanberries). Alcohol should be avoided, carbohydrate metabolism and blood pressure levels should be monitored, in order to be able to normalize them in time. You can and should take multivitamins and calcium preparations.

Such a responsible attitude to yourself and your health will help you to really become an elder of your kind and meet at least the centenary on your feet and in sober memory.